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If we’ve learned nothing else from Tom Cruise…


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I think it’s a safe bet that the Microsoft HoloLens is going to change our view on computing.  Join us this winter for an unprecedented Augmented/Mixed Reality class with Clackamas Community College at the Oregon Story Board, with support from Intel, Sprocketship, and Object Theory.  Probably goes without saying:  this is the start of something special.

Click here to check out one of the many articles and press releases on what is happening.

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Like the graphic says, contact Andy Mingo at andym@clackamas.edu or call Kelly White at 503-594-3034 to express your interest in this class.

PS – if you’re a C# guru, Unity, or CG modeler, definitely let that be known when signing up.

PPS – check out the HoloLens meetup group here.

UPDATE:  the class is live and if you’ve got the skills, express interest here.

Spring offerings at CCC


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The Digital Media and Communications program at Clackamas Community College continues to build steam and, whether you’re looking at continuing education options or are an undergrad hungry for more varied offerings, there are some nice opportunities this Spring to get your learn on.

I’m pleased to announce the return of DMC 250 – Motion Capture Animation.  A Monday+Wednesday night class that runs from 6:00pm-8:50pm.  Happy to see the most excellent Rob Bekuhrs, SuperGenius Animation Director, is the instructor for this go around.  Having worked with Rob while at Laika, I can vouch that this class will be in very good hands.

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Another noteworthy class is DMC 265, Advanced Digital Filmmaking.  Taught by Andy Mingo, this class breaks out the heavy equipment that the DMC program has been acquiring.  The big guns!  Including the RED Epic 5k camera, the Arri Amira camera, the Blackmagic Ursa 4k camera (PL mount with a nice set of Zeiss glass), the Inspire 1 Aerial Drone, and the Ronin Camera Stabilizer, on and on.   A fresh partnership announced for this term:  the best student films to come out of the program will screen at the Portland Film Festival in September!  This is paving the way for some very, very high quality imagery to be created around here and we’re all quite excited.  The class is slated for Monday+Wednesday afternoons.


Finally, spring also marks the return of animator Chris Dreger’s popular Stop Motion class, using the industry standard Dragonframe software.  The last class produced a great music video tribute to the Ramones (I say as I switch my Pandora over to the Ramones station).  This term seems to be teasing some Star Trek imagery – can’t wait to see what Chris is cooking up!  A 7 week class – Tuesday nights starting April 7, from 5-7:50pm.


Any questions about these or other CCC offerings, contact Andy Mingo at amingo@clackamas.edu or phone Kelly White at (503) 594-3034.  Lots of info over at the DMC dept page.

A larger post is long overdue to publicize some of the movement out that way and discuss the rest of the academic scene here in town, as it applies to VFX / Animation / 3D / Film.  Coming soon!


Clackamas CC Mocap Event Coming May 3!


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VFX/PDX’ers – I’m excited to pass along an invite from Clackamas Community College to come out and get a firsthand look at their shiny new motion capture system and classes offered on the tech.  This event marks the end of a successful run of first classes run in conjunction with neighboring Oregon City game studio SuperGenius.
For more information about the budding classes and the DMC program, check out:
MoCap at CCC first in state
Motion Capture at Clackamas County Community College (Video)
Details about the upcoming event below:
Lights! Camera! MOCAP!
A Clackamas Community College Film & Media Showcase
Saturday, May 3 @ 6 pm
Gregory Forum
Clackamas Community College
Oregon City Campus
19600 Molalla Ave
Oregon City, OR 97045
Join us for a celebratory evening showcasing the college’s renewed vision for
CCC TV and 
the Digital Multimedia Communications (DMC) program’s
MOCAP (Motion Capture) system. 
This new vision for CCC TV will provide the college’s DMC students an opportunity to showcase their work on the college’s cable access channel. In turn, the content developed by DMC instructors and students will enhance CCC TV’s program offerings.
This project will also provide students and faculty an opportunity to develop higher quality content material for CCC TV and other related media platforms. These platforms will help the college better inform and educate the public on a variety of programs and services. It will also provide access to top notch workforce talent for Clackamas County’s growing film and media industry partners.
This revitalization of CCC TV received generous support from the Clackamas County Cable Division and the Clackamas County Business and Economic Development Team.
Hearty appetizers and beverages will be provided.
Please drop a quick RSVP to this address if you plan to attend.