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AEPDX presents The Burst!


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Another great event from the ADPDX brain trust, pushing some collaboration unlike anything we’ve seen in a while.  It’s The Burst!
The Burst is a rather unique spin the bottle between Portland’s top Illustrators and Motion Designers. We’re giving teams an entire week to collaborate and show Portland what they are made of. Each randomly paired up team (1 Illustrator and 1 Motion Designer) has exactly 1 week to put their heads together to design and animate a 15-30 second masterpiece.
We’ll give them the theme, and then cut them loose. After a week we get together and throw a big party in their honor, have some drinks, and show everybody their creations.
There will, of course, be prizes.
1st: Adobe CC 1 Year
2nd: Wacom Intuos Pro Small 
3rd: Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks 2.5
The Burst party and screening is on the evening of Thursday, April 24th.
Time: 6:30 – 9PM
Place: 52LTD (http://52ltd.com/location/portland/)
Grab your tickets here! (http://theburst.eventbrite.com/)
Brought to you by Adobe, AEPDX, 52LTD, Wacom, Red Giant, 3DV

Pi Day: Save the Date


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And who doesn’t like chroma green “key” lime pie?  Hot off the Facebook press:


Now that we have mobilized, what’s next? Let’s get together for a town hall meeting and discuss it.

– State of the Industry by Scott Squires
– Moderated panel discussion with Q&A
– Panel includes Scott Squires, Scott Ross, Steve Kaplan, Gene Warren, Jr.
– Connecting multiple locations via Google Hangout
– Broadcasting live on YouTube at 8:00 PM PDT

Post questions for the panel here. Those with the most ‘Likes’ will be asked during the Q&A.

In order to get an accurate headcount, please RSVP only to the location you plan to physically attend.

LA invite:    https://www.facebook.com/events/488623847864509/

Bay Area invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/503729773007648

Vancouver invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/624476294235523/

NZ invite:  http://www.facebook.com/events/433112246778313/





It was a great talk and a deluge of info was pushed out into the open.  Watch the vid in it’s entirety, here:


Feel free to drop a comment here if you want to talk about anything Portland-centric.

Siggraph-bound and down

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Heading down to Siggraph this year?  Such a great chance to network and hang out; this year should be no exception.

Hinge Digital will be there and actively recruiting freelancers for upcoming projects.  Remote artists also considered.  FYI – Hinge is a Maya/Mental Ray house with compositing in Nuke, motion graphics in AE.  Also currently looking to fill out the roster of Katana/Arnold and Motionbuilder TD’s, and aside from that they’re always on the hunt for talent in the following disciplines: Hard Surface Modeling, Look Dev (Shading and Lighting), Character Rigging, FX TD (Hair/Cloth/Particles/Fluids), Pipeline TD, Compositing/Grading, Editing, and Design/Motion Graphics.

To express your interest, drop an email to siggraph@hingedigital.com and we’ll see you in LA!

While you’re there, be sure to catch Fred Ruff from Bent Image Lab presenting for the Foundry.  Then again, if you were at the VFX/PDX meeting, you’ve already seen it.  🙂

For other hot Siggraph action, watch the building FXGuide thread.

No Facebook ’til Brooklyn

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…and I ain’t goin’ back to Brooklyn any time soon.

Ok, I’ll openly admit that when I was starting this thing up, the good folks at  3DPDX (Joe) and AEPDX (Chris) were mentoring and made one thing clear.   Get with the social media thing – “Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn” they both said.

Yep.  Got ya.  We have to all stay connected somehow, kind of what it’s all about with this group and who am I to say any one of the channels is better.

Well…    yeah…     except the Facebook thing.  Maybe I’m overthinking or being closed minded – but I know what I like and I’ve always been more of a Last Thursday guy as opposed to a First Thursday guy if you know what I’m sayin’.  So why force it?  Facebooking the VFX/PDX blasts just seems redundant when we have a perfectly fine page going here.

So yeah, the plan is to, rather than it being an all out media blitz every time we have a meeting, I’ll just fire off one email (plus the token reminder) to the email list and gtfo.  Done and done.  Time is valuable and I need to keep it low maintenance.

Let me know if you think I’m making a mistake and you want to see VFX/PDX light up your facebook feed as much as we light up your life.

Facebook, maybe we can talk later on when your stock isn’t tanking.

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