Coming soon to an Empirical Theater near you… it’s the Portland “Animated Shorts!” Showcase. By us, for us. In what we hope becomes a Design Week tradition, this meticulously curated program is so packed with local animation talent that I’m having a hard time holding back the comic book interjections. Justice is only served with a Whoosh… Pow… Surprise… BLAM!

Two Balloons (dir. Mark C. Smith – trailer) headlines this special night, screening in luscious 4k with 7.1 surround on the 40 ft Empirical screen. With presentation and Q&A to follow.

Also very excited about the Animate Everything/AEPDX Retrospective being collected by Jamal Qutub. A necessary reflection spanning 5 years of invitational animation collaboration from the best & brightest in the area.

And there is so, so much more. Straight from the artists and studios within our great city. Watch this space for the full run-of-show (below) as it develops, and get your tickets now, as this promises to sell out. Definitely the makings of a very special night of animation that you won’t want to miss.

The pertinent details:
Portland Animated Shorts! Showcase – PAS!S
Wednesday April 10, 6:30-9:30pm
The Emprical Theater at OMSI
Tickets $6. ($7 for non-members) Parking: Free
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All ages are admitted but please note that this is an adult/PG-13 show and not meant for young children; nudity, adult themes and light swearing.

A portion of the proceeds benefit the newly formed Portland SIGGRAPH chapter, harnessing our collective VFX, 3D, and Animation energy into events and community. More info coming soon! Sign up to the VFX/PDX newsletter for the latest updates.

Thanks to OMSI for support on several levels, and to Jamal Qutub, Sophya Vidal, Meredith James, Stephen Lee, Laura Di Trapani, Rose Bond and Zak Margolis for helping to assemble this grand cast. Don’t pass on PAS(!)S folks… it comes but once a year…


PROGRAM (Updated April 10)

Two Balloons (dir. Mark C. Smith) with presentation + Q&A following

A Rat’s Life (dir. Zak Margolis)

Armor Del Amor (dir. Kirk Kelley/HouseSpecial)

Raven & Crow (dir. Jotham Porzio)

Nowheres Wolf – teaser/preview (dir. Suzanne Moulton)

Tidal Wave (dir. Lee Hardcastle/Portugal, The Man) *music video
Featuring work from W+K / Joint Editorial

Animate Everything: An AEPDX Retrospective (curator: Jamal Qutub)
Featuring: Ben Luce, Emily Skaer, PMurphy, MacGregor Campbell, Cindy Sullivan, Jamal Qutub, Alex Miller, Brian Smith, Blain Klitzke, Carlos Enciso, Daniel Moreno, Meg Hunt, Devin Gustafson, Neil Hilken, Greg Browe, Jared Hundley, Deepsky, Kim Daley, Alex Bernard, Yahira Hernandez

The Homebrew (curator: Sophya Vidal)
Featuring: Joanna Priestley, Adam Taylor, Temris Ridge, Paul De Silva, Mike Smith, John Summerson, Andy Cunial, Julia Gross, Jill Mackesey, Emily Myers, Jin Pharn, Jason Ptaszek, Gary Hogue, Celeste Leipham, Temris Ridge, Ben Chapin, Ruby Lambie, Taylor Lane, Lee Alailima-Rose, Nick Berzl, Allyson Willsey, Danie Townsley, Sam Arneson, Madison Russell, Sophya Vidal, Alex Miller, KJ Murr, Nathan Younger, Neisje Morrell, Rob Bekuhrs, Kelly Jensvold, Josh Skull Dixon

PSU / Student Selections
Featuring: Elisa Hung, Bailey Collins, Elena Kim, Nick Boxwell, Lei Domingo, Asya Volk, Ashmon Jibben, and Michael Richardson.

PNCA / Student Selections
Featuring: Sarah Hickey, Ran Sheng