This one is so packed, I may have just set a record for the longest event title ever!  I apologize in advance if I break the internet.  🙂

For a night dedicated to all things imagination, I am very happy to announce that we have *finally* pinned down the busy Cooper Johnson and his team at Cardboard Castle for a look into their process and techniques!  With heads down and tablets blazing, they have plenty to show and have been silently turning out world class, design heavy motion graphics & CG work with the killer combo of C4D+AE.  And as if that wasn’t enough, instructor Damon Redmond (of SuperGenius fame) and Clackamas Community College DMC program Director Andy Mingo are packing up that fancy new motion capture system and giving it the Portland debut it deserves.  A live MoCap demo will kick off the night.

These presenters are long-awaited and they combine to make this a can’t miss “show & tell” of epic proportions.  An epic night deserves an epic title.

VFX/PDX Presents…  Creating Digital Worlds: The Tech Behind the Pixels.

vfxpdx crystal

In true rock star fashion, the presenters will take the stage at the Crystal Ballroom in conjunction with OMSI’s Science Pub series.  Which, if you’ve not been to a Science Pub, well – first of all you call yourself a Portlander?  And second, it’s a fine use of a Tuesday night that never fails to impress and educate.  I call it “consistently clever social science,” complete with beer.  Come early, hang out, and stay for the show!  Don’t miss this one – I have all indications that this will be the biggest/best VFX/PDX meeting ever.  Make plans to attend now!

Tuesday, August 19th
Doors 5pm, Presentation 7-9pm
McMenamins Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside, Portland
Age 21+, minor with adult
OMSI suggested donation:  $5

More info and an extended blurb over at the OMSI website.