Just wanted to drop an open thank you to Michael Cordova and Jesselee Kahaloa for taking the time out to show off the team’s work from Missing Link. Five films in, the LAIKA pipeline is a well oiled machine, and it was great to get an inside look at every piece of the puzzle – especially the epic and difficult Loch Ness shot.
I have to say, this could have been the best Q&A I’ve witnessed while running the user group – well done, all!
OMSI continues to be a big supporter of SIGGRAPH and the local animation scene, and it was fantastic (as always) to catch this on the Empirical screen.
And a final thanks to my new favorite intimate venue, the back room over at The Toffee Club on Hawthorne. What a great vibe! We’ll be back.
Beautiful work, LAIKA!

Michael Cordova preps for the presentation at The Toffee Club after the screening