Pints & Pixels – October 12th 7-10PM

The Florida Room – 435 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217


Thank you everyone! Our first event was a HUGE success with over 35 people attending and conversations going well into the night and continuing after the bar closed. We had people representing all facets of Portland’s Post Production world and even some local SFX artists joined us.

Congratulations to Ken Kurras who won our raffle to the Portland Creative Conference on Sept 29th. He’s already a pretty lucky fella, having just scored a job at Laika last month. We will try to have more giveaways and prizes in future events and I’ll post them whenever they will be available.

Thank you to everyone who came out, we hope you had a good time and are excited to meet again in October! Since the next meeting is so close to Halloween, I’m happy to say that we will be joined by more members of the Portland SFX community!

I’ve always been interested in stage and monster make-up, and it turns out SFX artists want to know how the digital side of monster FX happens too. I’ll be bringing a laptop, and if you worked on Grimm or have any monster work you want to show off, just email me a link or bring a flash drive and we can have a little Show-and-Tell! Who knows, maybe you’ll get some good ideas for the holiday!

This month we will me moving to The Florida Room in the NE. They have a nice little back room with a pool table and no windows that we’ll be taking over.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me at:, or @danvfxpdx